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APRSdroid without a radio

If you are getting started with APRS, then the easiest was will be to do it on your Smartphone. This post is only about using Android phones, obviously. The clue is the “droid” part of APRSdroid.

NOTE: for this you WILL require an Amateur Radio License and Callsign. If you do not have a Callsign, then I suggest you just watch what is going on on the APRS.FI website.

So you’ve got that this isn’t about iPhones?

Stafford Repeaters

Note: I have been informed that my information on GB3ZI is out of date. In fact it is totally off-air now.

Since I passed my Amateur Radio Foundation Exam a couple of months ago – mainly thanks to the excellent course run by Essex Ham (yes, I am aware that I live quite a way from Essex, but that does not matter) – I’ve been using the two local repeaters:

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