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Linux SDR APRS IGate setup

Ok… Firstly, there are many guides to doing this already on the internet, but most of the use a Raspberry Pi. I’m not using one, for reasons that will be made clear later.

Secondly, I couldn’t find any one of the guides that did exactly what we wanted.

Before you read all this rubbish, it is important that to use it you will need an Amateur Radio License and Callsign, and and APRS-IS Passcode. If you don’t have them, then go and get them before continuing.

So, with that in mind…

On with the motley

Stafford Repeaters

Note: I have been informed that my information on GB3ZI is out of date. In fact it is totally off-air now.

Since I passed my Amateur Radio Foundation Exam a couple of months ago – mainly thanks to the excellent course run by Essex Ham (yes, I am aware that I live quite a way from Essex, but that does not matter) – I’ve been using the two local repeaters:

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