My first steps with SSTV on 2m

I was playing about making audio cables to connect my cheap Baofeng to my PC. To test the recieve cable, I took a walk with the other Baofeng, and an Android App called SSTV Encoder.

To transmit, I held the phone up to the radio while I transmitted.

With my shonky test cable connected to my PC back home, and the PC running MMSTV, I managed to send myself this:

(yes, I copied the TX format image from MMSSTV to my phone before I left, just so I would have something with my callsign on to send.)

Obviously the second part of the test would be to tranmit from home to a remote station that I can monitor. Well that isn’t easy if you only hold an M7 Foundation license and you are working by yourself under the Covid-19 rules, so you have to muck about.

So, after setting up a recieving radio and phone in the girlfriend’s flat (support bubbled!) on the other side of the hill, using the Robot36 app (phone sitting next to radio with no physical connection)….

I am happy.


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