Wales, 20mph and the most stupid statement ever.

Ok Wales, has dropped the speed limit to 20mph in built up areas. Deal with it. It is probably a good idea. I live in a 20mph zone, and I don’t moan about it. I moan about the pricks the belt down it too fast, park across my driveway waiting for their precious kids from the school 400yds away, but not the speed limit. Anyway…

My issue is with comment by Mark Drakeford, First Minister of Wales, and a man who has clearly no concept of speed, time, distance, or arithmetic .

He said:

“It’s going to take you a minute longer to make your journey, and we will save 10 people’s lives in Wales every year as a result of that one minute contribution – it doesn’t seem an unfair bargain,” said Mark Drakeford.

The bit I’m interested in is:

“It’s going to take you a minute longer to make your journey” said Mark Drakeford.

No, Mark, it isn’t. It is going to be one minute per mile. Get your numbers right.

OpenTTD Isle of Man Scenario

It is the 21st Century. I’m still playing a game that was released in 1994, Transport Tycoon. Well, almost, but not exactly. Really I’m playing OpenTTD, which was first released in 2004. So, either I’m playing a 30 year old game, or a 20 year old game.

And finally, after 20, maybe 30 years, I’m releasing a scenario for it.

So it had better be good, hadn’t it?

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Recycling Tait 8110 Radios

A while ago, I posted about the Tait 8110 Radio, beloved (hated) by the taxi community, back in the days when we actually had taxi radios, a taxi community, and, actually taxis that weren’t fucking Ubers.

Lately, following the takeover of my company (thankfully by a bunch of lads who hate Uber as much as I do), all our radios have become surplus to requirements.

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The Twisted Brain Wrong Of A One Off Man Mental

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