Whither Greenhall Whitley Land?

Since the ’80s, the plaintiff cry of the displaced Northerner has been “I wish I was in Greenhall Whitley Land!” Vis:

But where actually is it?

Well, sadly it no longer exists, like so many other great lands it has been conquered, traded, bartered and annexed. So we’d best look at the ancient boundaries and history.

Luckily, we found an ancient map which shows roughly the area in which Greenhall Whitley held sway. It took many years of searching before we found this in a cave in deepest Cheshire, guarded by a fierce wild cat. Well, actually no. It turns out that Matt had had it up on his kitchen wall for at least the last eight years.

Of course, the giant Internet Filing Cabinet of Things turned up a (slightly) better copy:

So there you go. Greenhall Whitley Land.





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