Shit that I constantly need to look up, so I save it here

Cos the old brain keeps forgetting things, I’m using this page to store things that I frequently forget how to do…

How to extract the audio into an MP3 format from an MP4 video file using VLC media player.

  1. Open VLC media player.

  2. From the toolbar select Media, then Convert/Save.

  3. Next in the File Selection box click Add and select your MP4 file.

  4. Then click Convert/Save.

  5. Next from the Profile dropdown box select Audio – MP3

  6. Finally, in the destination box select Browse and then the location you want the MP3 file to get saved. Don’t forget to delete the .mp4 file extension from the end of the file name, before saving.

  7. Click Start.

VLC will now open a new window and start extracting the audio from the video file; the programme will save the audio into the location you selected earlier.

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