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National Transport Tokens

I recently, while clearing out the taxi office, found a cash bag full of 20p National Transport Tokens. I had never heard of these.

So I did a bit of research…

This particular issue were, issued, as a set of six, depicting a 1903 Tramcar, a 1920 Leyland bus, the 1943 Daimler CDV6 bus, the 1980 BR Class 508 EMU, the 1981 Metrocar, and the 1989 N C Midi.

Individually they are not really valuable, nor are they as a set. But if I knock up a little presentation package, then who knows?

Once I’ve separated the full sets out, I might even try to bang the stragglers out on eBay.

Who knows what tomorrow brings?

Birmingham New Street for Dummies

I used to like Birmingham New Street Station for it’s simplicity. It had a big, wide corridor with excalators to platform level on one side and stairs on the other, and it wasn’t confusing at all.

Then came the Grand Central development, which involved spending millions to turn from a station with a shopping center above it, into a, and work with me on this, a station with a shopping center above it.

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