Preston Dock Engine Shed – Model Project

Down on the old Preston Dock site there is an unusual little engine shed, which was built for Preston Borough Council (long before they became City) in 1985. In 1986 it won The Brick Development Association’s Structural Brickwork Award. It looks like this:

Yeah, yeah, another square engine shed, but no! From above it looks like this:

Suddenly it gets more interesting! I think this would make  cracking little modelling project, so I’m going to work on it.

To make things easy, I have a document about the building that will be a lot of help. Here it is (click each page to embiggen it):

Also a front elevation:

A plan view with dimensions:

And some more details on the walls:

Obviously I’m going to simplify it and get rid of most of the internals.

It will be made in card, with original brick textures where possible, and when finished, available free to download and make.



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