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National Transport Tokens

I recently, while clearing out the taxi office, found a cash bag full of 20p National Transport Tokens. I had never heard of these.

So I did a bit of research…

This particular issue were, issued, as a set of six, depicting a 1903 Tramcar, a 1920 Leyland bus, the 1943 Daimler CDV6 bus, the 1980 BR Class 508 EMU, the 1981 Metrocar, and the 1989 N C Midi.

Individually they are not really valuable, nor are they as a set. But if I knock up a little presentation package, then who knows?

Once I’ve separated the full sets out, I might even try to bang the stragglers out on eBay.

Who knows what tomorrow brings?

Timetable Project

Some years ago, I decided that I wasn’t completely happy with having to carry printed timetables, or having to scroll though big PDF files while chasing Trams on my visits to the Blackpool Tramway. 

I figured that it would be better to be able to access the timetables on my phone. As I was incapable of creating Apps for both the Android and iPhone platforms (seriously, have you seen what you have to do to become a developer for iOS?), I decided to do it as a mobile-friendly formatted web page. How hard could it be?

Really, how hard can it be?