Pizza Maths

Ordering a pizza used to be a hassle. Hunt down the leaflet, phone the number, recite the order, get them read in back to you, tell them your address, get them to read it back to you, put the phone down and hope for the best.

Now in the modern world, the apps make it all so simple. There is only one real dilemma left in the process… What size pizza gives you the best value for money?

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RSGB TestReach Tutorial

You can get the feel of how the Online system works by using the links below and taking the TestReach tutorial – you can use it as many time as you like and you can pass it on to anyone who’s interested in the exams etc 
Navigate to using your usual browser. 
Password: rsgb123$TR 
Click the ‘Take Tutorial’ tab
You should note that this is the standard TestReach tutorial and in it it mentions a couple of functions that we aren’t using, namely the Resource (Q6) and the Remote Invigilation (Q7) functions. 
Thanks to Dave Wilson (M0OBW), for this info.

The Twisted Brain Wrong Of A One Off Man Mental

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