Oh dear, I’ve been planning again!

So, I’ve been planning another model railway.

That is a cross-section of the scenic area, which will represent a terraced street in a northern town, backing on to a railway line.

I grew up near somewhere like that, but in the north, we all did.


It is going to be a double-tracked mixed traffic line (even though the actual place I have in mind was a single-track goods only line) in a cutting, bounded at one end by a tunnel exit under and industrial building, and the other end will go under some shops. There will be a bridge in the middle.

Because I don’t have the patience, or woodworking skills, to make a baseboard, it will be build on a 1981×762 door from Wickes. I bought one years ago, and I’ve been using it as a work bench top.

The buildings will be mainly Metcalfe PN174 and PN103 kits, with a smattering of others, and some scratch-builds for variety.

Functionally it will be a double-track loop, each track having two concealed storage loops, in the fiddle yard. The two loops will be electrically separate.

Something like this:

That isn’t exactly what I’ll make, as I need to work out how far from the front of the base the track has to be. Also, that is all PECO Setrack N Gauge geometry, and in the scenic area I intend the track spacing to be more realistic.

Being DCC, that will allow be to run a variety of three trains in each direction.

The scenic area is looking to be ablout 140x50cm. But that might change.


More to follow.


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