Doctor Who: Shadows Of Retirement

Using AI to generatean idea for the 14th Doctor, Donna and Mel on Earth…

The Fourteenth Doctor, seeking respite and a quieter life, decides to retire on Earth. The TARDIS, now parked inconspicuously in Donna Noble’s garden, becomes a symbol of the Doctor’s attempt at a peaceful existence. However, tranquility is short-lived when mysterious temporal anomalies begin to disrupt Earth’s timeline.

As the Doctor, along with companions Mel Bush and Donna Noble, investigates these anomalies, they uncover a malevolent force that operates from the shadows of Earth’s history. The retirement, meant to be an escape from cosmic responsibilities, becomes the catalyst for a crisis that threatens the planet’s temporal integrity.

Donna’s seemingly ordinary home transforms into the epicenter of a temporal battle, and the Doctor is forced to confront the shadows of their own decision to retire. The act of stepping back from the grand adventures of time and space has unintended consequences, pulling the Doctor, companions, and Earth itself into a perilous struggle against a hidden adversary.

And that, my friends is what happens when you let Chat GPT write a Doctor Who episode.

I’ll continue to throw more prompts into this to make something either a) EPIC, or b) utterly fecking ridiculous, or even c) BOTH!

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