Tait 8110 Radio

Another post about radios… this time the Tait 8110:

These are were commonly used as taxi radios, and so there are a lot of them about on the various selling sites, and come mainly in two configurations:

  • A4 – 66–88MHz – 25W max (25W, 12W, 5W, 1W)
  • B1 – 136–174MHz – 50W (50W, 25W, 15W, 10W) or 25W max (25W, 12W, 5W, 1W)

(Note, you can’t convert an A4 version for B1, or the other way round)

This particular one is an A4, and isn’t mine, but is a spare from work, so I’m not going to mess with it, but I have two on order: an A4 which can be programmed for the 4m band, and a B1 that can be fettled for the 2m band.

So, a closer look:

Rather that invent the wheel. here is what the manual page for the front panel looks like:

And the backside looks like this:

On which we see a plastic blanking tab (ignore, a D-SUB 15 F connector for data, the power connector and the Antenna BNC connector.

in the spirit of no re-inventing the wheel again, here is the explanation of the pinout from http://tarpn.net/t/builder/tait_tm8105_notes/builders_radios_tait8105.html.

So what am I intending to do with these?

Well, I want one for the 4m band, programmed to the simplex channels.

Another for 2m, with the local repeater, and 9 simplex channels in it.

Maybe one of each for the car… And maybe another 2m of for playing with data…

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