N Gauge Gardale Layout

This is my 2nd model rail project. I started this when I had a bit more space available than for the first one, but progress has been slow. Mainly because of the cat.

Yeah, there is Project 3 in the foreground.  But the bloody cat!

DMU and a dummy Deltic in the trainshed:

How I held the shed roof down while the glue dried:

Station building and Goodsshed:

Station frontage:

Frontage and Goods shed again.

Along the station:

Decorative fountain:

Best skip this

The Yard side fuelling point.

Parking area:

End of the platform:

Some railings:

About to match the railing to the crossing. Note the minibus on the left, whih is just a van with black painted windows.

Overlook of the layout, and the awful state of my living room.

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