Stafford Repeaters

Note: I have been informed that my information on GB3ZI is out of date. In fact it is totally off-air now.

Since I passed my Amateur Radio Foundation Exam a couple of months ago – mainly thanks to the excellent course run by Essex Ham (yes, I am aware that I live quite a way from Essex, but that does not matter) – I’ve been using the two local repeaters:

Callsign Tx Rx CTCSS
GB3SV 145.6125 145.0125 94.8
GB3ZI 430.9750 438.5750 103.5

As you can see from this map, I’m about half way between them:

Elevation Profile from GB3SV to my place:

GB3SV is mounted on a telecoms mast, so the height needs to be adjusted by something like 30 metres (confirmed), and my mast (when up fully) is 8 metres tall (usually it is just collapsed to 2 metres). So in theory, I’m very close to having a line-of-sight.

Similarly, GB3ZI to me:

Now GB3ZI is atop a 4 storey building that I used to work in. Back in the day I installed a 2-axis rotatable satellite dish up there. I know that despite the apparent lump of Kingston Hill (the big bit on the left), I could see my current house from there.

I have no problem accessing the GB3SV Repeater from my tawdry little shed, using my Baofeng UV-5R connected to my home-made Antenna.

But if you hear M7TXB/2E0XTB, that is me..

Update:  As of May 2021, GB3ZI appears to be off-air.

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  1. Tony if you think GB3ZI is on the Beacon building on what was Staffordshire University it moved from there about 5 years ago. It’s now near the hospital.

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