Midland 98 Plus

Earlier this year, before the country went insane again, we managed to have a holiday in Southport. I love Southport. It has just enough junk shops to keep me happy, but not so many that I get Junk Shop Fatigue. Anyway, I was enticed into one by an old GPO telephone in the window, but ended up buying this instead:

Behold, the Midland 98 Plus.

An old UK/EU spec FM radio for a tenner. 4w only, no AM/SSB, but hey, it was a tenner!

Of course there were issues with it…

For a start, the thread on the 239 connection was buggered, making it impossible to screw the cable on properly.

And there was corroision damage:

But the insides seem clean…

So far I’ve just been listening on it, due to the dodgy connector, but I intend to file down the threads to make the PL 239 screw in properly.

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