Four books (and a Training Course) that anyone starting in Amateur Radio in the UK needs to buy

If you are going to be starting down the long and rocky road to becoming ans Amateur Radio Operator in the UK, then really you need to buy some books.

Firstly, you’ll be wanting the Foundation Manual.

Which you should be buying from the RSGB site.

If you pass the Foundation Exam and want to go further, you’re going to want the Imtermediate Manual…

Which is also available from the RSGB.

And if you pass that and want to go all the way to full…

And I think you know where to get it from.

Lastly, a book that covers all the levels and is well worth the money:

Yeah, guess where.

If you are a complete novice to radio and electronics, they you should also probably sign up for an online training course.

I recommend Essex Ham’s Ham Train. It is free, takes a few weeks, and will give you everything you need to know for the Foundation Exam.

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