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£600,000,000 for Electric Vehicles?

Some number crunching… in July 2021 there were 49,718,634 driving licenses registered in the UK, and approximately 40,457.500 vehicles on the road at the end of 2021 Q2 (June). For the calculations that I’m going to do, I’ll up that to 50 million drivers, and drop that to 40 million vehicles (of all types).
Now, our highly competent Government has announced £600 million in grants for electric vehicles.
That equates to £15 per vehicle, or £12 per license.
Great, eh? I think my point here is that if you shout about big numbers then some people, who have no idea of scale, will take up the numbers and spin it into some huge Green story. It isn’t – it is, again, nothing more than a publicity stunt aimed at the moronic.