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The Curse of Peter Kay’s Charity Singles

The is a theory out there, that if you are famous and mentioned in a Half Man Half Biscuit song, then you will die. There is (as ever) a web page devoted to it:

Peter Kay, long time annoyer of taxi staff everywhere, former booze advertiser, comedy genius, and reportedly “nice guy”,  cursed more entertainers in the space of two charity single videos than Half Man Half Biscuit could manage in such a short space of time.

Here we shall consider each hexing separately.

Case 1:  (It This The Way) To Amarillo

Released March 14, 2005.
Length: 3:33, Death Toll: 6

0:29 Anne Kirkbride, known for playing Deirdre Barlow in Coronation Street, died 19 January 2015
0:37 Keith Harris, known for having his hand up Orville’s rectal cavity, died 28 April 2015
1:06 Jimmie Saville, known for historic sex offences, died 29 October 2011
1:33 Jim Bowen, known for Bullseye, died 14 March 2018
1:56 Geoffrey Hayes, known for Rainbow, died 30 September 2018
2:03 Robbie Corbett, known for being about a third of The Two Ronnies by volume, died 31 March 2016

Case 2: (I’m Gonna Be) 500 Miles 2009

Released 17 March 2007
Length 5:27, Death Toll: 9

0:37 June Whitfield, known for Carry On Films and Terry & June, died 29 December 2018
1:16 Kathy Staff, known best for being Nora Batty, died 13 December 2008
1:23 Frank Sidebottom (Chris Sievey), died 21 June 2010
1:32 Burt Kwouk, (not now, Kato!), died 24 May 2016
1:48 Kenny Lynch, singer and commedian 18 December 2019
2:42 David Bellamy, noted Charles Darwin and orangutan look-a-like naturalist, died 11 December 2019
2:50 Keith Chegwin, former stooge of The Edmonds, died 11 December 2017
3:00 Rick Parfitt, Status Quo guitar hero,died 24 December 2016
3:18 Terry Nutkins, had his fingers repeatedly bit off by otters, died 6 September 2012

To sum up then, 2 songs, 9 minutes, 15 deaths. And remember, this is only the death toll so far.