Woburn Safari Park

Back on July 7th,2014 we took a detour on our way back from Sonisphere at Knebworth, and dropped in at Woburn Safari Park.

“We”, on this occasion, was the Rock Buddy and myself, back in the days when we did stuff like this.

Note, I’m the passenger, due to my aversion to driving black BMWs.

Anyway… monkeys (and other primates):


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My favorite photo of the lot has to be this though:

So, apart from monkeys…. They had lions:


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And tigers:


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And bears, oh my!


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An unexpected visitor was a Black Squirrel, something neither of us had seen before!


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And there was the bird enclosure, where you get a cup of synthetic nectar and then be attacked by small birds…


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And finally, we see a magnificent beast in its proper habitat!

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