When the Dead reached Charnock Richard

As of JUn 3rd 2022, the number of people who have died with Covid-19 mentioned on their Death Certificate is 196,643 (Source: BBC).

One hundred and ninety six thousand, six hundred and forty three.

Let us put that into perspective. That is just a bit higher than the entire population of Norwich (Source: The Geographist).

It would take 3172 of the New Routemaster Boris Buses to hold that many people (seated only, obviously).

End-to-end, that is going to add up to a fair old distance.

The average height of an adult human in the UK is 5’6″. (I’m about 6’1″, and the lady is 4’11”, so we actually average out ok).

196643 * 5.5 = 1081536.5 feet = 204.8 miles(ish).

So, if you started laying the bodies end-to-end, from the start of the North-bound slip-road of the M1 at Staples Corner, they would reach all the way up to the Catthorpe Interchange, and then up the M6 as far as the Coach Park at Charnock Richard North-bound service., with another 1.8 miles still to go.

So truly, the dead have reached Charnock Richard.



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