Storage Tubs

Everyone needs storage boxes for their bits and bobs of electronic dohickery. You can probably buy something suitable from Amazon, but the chances are that you will have suitable items already in your house.

I use the containers that Washing Tablets come in.

These tubs come with a snap-close lid and are idea for storing bits and bobs and whatnots. My office and shed are full of such containers. Most are, unfortunately, unlabelled.

Back in the olden days, my father and various uncles used tobacco tins to store nuts an bolts. I remember a shelf full of St. Bruno tins all labelled up for nut/bolt/nail sizes.

These days smoking is almost as serious a crime as assault, so the old style baccy tins are hard to find.

I think the re-using of the plastic Washing Tab containers is a good idea, as we are keeping the plastics in them out of the garbage process. 


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