Star Bores

Back in 1984 I start writing a parody computer games based on Star Wars using The Quill adventure writing software on the ZX Spectrum.

This was before Spaceballs came out.

By 1987 I was still working on it, but it had become a project running on CP/M on the Amstrad CPC/PCW family of computers, this time using the successor to The Quill: PAW: Professional Adventure Writer. Finally it was finished in late 1988.

It was full of bad in-jokes, references that about 3 people would get, an utterly impenetrable puzzle, and an early sign that may like buses too much.

Still, managed to shift at least 8 copies (as I only have one of the original run left).

Even though Snitches get Stitches, I still feel that I need to taint the lives of the following souls (including MobyGames Profiles whre applicable:

The scenario was created by Tony Blews, with advice, jokes, ideas etc. from:
Jason Denton, Brian Frost, Stephen Jewel, David Oldcorn, Mark Slater and others
at WR Tuson College, Preston.

Converted from PCW 3" format disks to PC format by Jacob Nevins.

If you just happen to have an Amstrad PCW emulator installed, or have a way of running old CPM programs, you can download the game and experience it for yourself. STARBORE.ZIP. I’ll add a local link when I work out why this poxy server is serving out duff ZIPs and RARs.

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