Finding out who of your Facebook “Friends” like something objectionable

To be honest, we all have those Facebook “friends” that we only keep linked to because either we have to work with them, are distantly related to them. or don’t trust them and think they need to be kept an eye on.

So, how can you see how deeply reprehensible they are? Well one was is to check your Friends list for dodgy page likes. Well, Facebook has a this called “friended_fans_of”, which isn’t easy to access, but luckily you can just paste the formatted URL into your browser window and have a check.

The format is very simple.

Now, as an example, Nigel Farage’s Page ID is 133737666673845, so to see which of your misguided friends like that, the URL is:

The Conservative Party? Oh Ok:

So, how do you find the Page ID? Well, I’ll go through the process using the example of my local MP, the photo-oportunistic and geographically confused Theo Clarke.
So first we go with her page URL:

And we open this site:

and copy the URL into the box. Click the button and wait. Eventually we see something like this:

Which will give you a numberic ID to add to the URL. No now we have:

Click on that an you’ll see, well probably nothing unless you live in Stafford and know some pretty deluded people.

You could use the same tricks to find out who likes, for example, Marillion, Queen, Phil Cool, Frank Sidebottom, or indeed anyone or anything that has a “page.


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