The Curse of Half Man Half Biscuit

On November 20th, 1985, the song “D’Ye Ken Ted Moult?” by Half Man Half Biscuit was played on Radio One by John Peel. Less than ten months later, Ted Moult was dead. This was the first strike of a curse that would take many celebrities down.

Next to fall was Gordon Jackson, who had been mentioned in song on the album “Back in the DHSS”, released on October 7th, 1985. He survived for over four years, but became the first of many to be felled by the ironically titled “God Gave Us Life”.

Bob Todd (1992), Thora Hird (2003), Eartha Kitt (2008), Keith Harris (2015) and Eddie Large (2020) were all cursed by that same song.

Over the years, many of the great and good have fallen afoul of the curse. From Willie Rushton, who survived barely over a year, to Hannu Mikkola, who survived for just over 35 years.

Over the years, nearly 80 people have been taken by the curse.

Is it just coincidence? Is it just celebrities getting older and naturally passing away? Maybe.

Or is it something else? Is it a conspiracy? If so, Dan Brown must be shitting himself right now.

For a full and up to date list of those killed by the curse, see

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