Desire – Bob Dylan

So, in my foolish plot to expose myself (not in that way) to more music, I have followed the advice of Jon, and subjected my self to Bob Dylan’s Desire (again, not in that way).

Well. Firstly, I have to say I’m not really a Dylan fan (apart from his work in The Traveling Wilburys). But, what the hell, I gave it a listen.

I feel I have fallen into a trap. If I approve of an album chock full of “protest songs”, I basically give out permission to brand me as a Lefty Wanker. Nice try, no sell.

So I’m ignoring the lyrics (to be honest, this is the best option if Bob Dylan is singing).

To be really honest, I was bored shitless after 3 songs and gave up.

Jon, I want you you listen to Songs of Leonard Cohen.




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