LEGO Spaceman colours

Communications Base One is my new combined iGate and Allstar set-up. It is two Raspberry Pi things housed in LEGO friendly cases.

So, of course, I have to build it on a classic LEGO Space baseplate, build a structure around it, and crew it. Obviously.

Before we get onto the important and techicial aspects of the radio bits, I think it is vitally important to sort out the colours of the LEGO space dudes.

According to the creator of the Classic space theme and mini-figures, Jens Nygaard Knudsen:
  • Red: PILOTS
  • White: EXPLORERS
  • Yellow: SCIENTISTS
  • Blue: SECURITY
  • Black: SPIES.

Spies have their own colours? How does that work? Was he watching Captain Scarlet? And Benny, from the LEGO movies was a pilot, and he wore blue.

I don’t like that scheme, so looking at another spacefaring uniform colour scheme (from the ’60s)…

  • Red: Engineering/Security
  • Yellow: Command
  • Blue: Science/Medical

By the ’80s, it had become…

  • Red: command and helm
  • Yellow: engineering, security and operations
  • Blue: science and medical

Thats bothers me… Surely Science and Engineering should be the same colour? Security and Engineering being the same colour? no. that is just wrong. So obviously I’m going to have to fudge this.

This is the smiling shower of shit that I have to work with:

One Red, one Yellow, two Whites and two Blues. Note the mixed helmet styles. And look at their identical little happy faces. I’m not having my communications base staffed by clones. Luckily I have a bag of minifgs I bought in bulk for another project, so there will be some head-swapping going on.

Anyway… colours.

As we can only have one leader, they must be in Red or Yellow.

Red is going to be commander, basically because I prefer The Next Generation era to the crap old Star Trek.

Blue is going to be Science, Medical and Engineering. Sorry Benny, but at least as a consolation I’m going to let you keep your stupid smiling face. And I might let you play on the Lunar Rover.

Yellow will be Security.

White… well I don’t really like the white minifigs, they’ll be “Mission Specialists”, basically extras.

Once I find replacement heads, I’ll make up names and characters for them, because, well, what else is a 52 year old man going to do in his spare time?


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