When I first got back into radio, in October ’19, I decided to start off with a package deal, figuring that I’d start with something basic, and upgrade as required. So I went for a CRT One-N and bundled antenna.

Thae above pic is from the advertising bumph and shows the size as 10.2x10x2.5cm, which is bang on, but also makes the microphone look massive. Which either it isn’t, or I have hands like shovels.

Anyway, on the capabilities of the One-N. Well, its an AM/FM (sorry no SSB) 4W multi-norm CB radio that can be switched to be legal in a lot of places. Now the documentation on the CRT website isn’t 100% accurate, nor was the manual, so I had to work it out for myself. And I came up with this list of the Norms that are legal in the UK:And those that it can do, but you really shouldn’t even want to bother with in th UK:Unless you really want to mess about on those extra 40 German channels.

The manual was also somewhat lacking on information on how to switch the Norms. I tried emailing the supplier, and CRT, but got no answer.

It turns out that you have to power it up with the A/F button held down, click up/down on the MIC to select the right one, then power down again. Next time you power up, it will be right.

Which is a bit shite. As is the whole UP/DOWN button thing. I much prefered the old rotary channel changer method on the old ’80s style radios.

The whole Squelch system seems arse-backwards, and a pain to use: you have to spress the SQ button the UP/DOWN on the MIC to change the levels, then key up to set it.  And then there is Auto-Squelch which I can’t even be bothered with.

The RFG button (RF Gain) options seem to make no difference.

The EMG button will take you to CH9, then CH19, and back to your last channel as you press it. Again, no use at all, as nobody monitors 9 these says, and 19 is often blocked with wannabe DJs. Maybe it would have been better used to switch Norms? Long press to switch Region, and short press to go from FM to AM and back?

My last complaint is that it doesn’t have a PA (Public Address) function. Frivolous I know, but I actually wanted to be able to shout back at the Download Pirate, and play “Ride Of The Valkrie” loud while arriving at a festival (Covid note: I will never get to do these things now).

So, anything good?

Well, yeah. It was cheap, small, works quite well since I ditched the original antenna and got a Thunderpole Oribitor.

25 miles is my best, from up on high ground (like near GB3SV), with about 5 miles in the urban area.

Maybe the fact that I’ve had it in the car for over a year without destroying it just says it all.


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