This how I start World of Warcraft

First of all I have to make sure that anything like Dropbox, Google Drive et al isn’t running, as for some reason Warcraft has a shit-fit and refuses to load if they are running.

Next, I fire up WoW Launcher and wait for five minutes.

Before clicking on “Play”, I have to make sure that Task Manager is up and running.

After that, I wait another five minutes to get through the loading screen and log in procedure.

Then I log in and wait for the character selection screen. After selecting a character and clicking “Enter World”, I wait until the progress bar hits about 7/8 then tab to Task Manager and wait until Wow.exe stops taking up 99% of resources.

Then I tab back, see a scene that my character should be in, but isn’t. I hear a “Bong!” and everything freezes.

I can’t tab back to Task Manager, or do anything else. So I but the PC into Hibernate mode.

Once everything is down, I bring the PC back up from Hibernation. Task Manager is visible, and I kill WowBrowserProxy.exe.

Seven times out of ten this results in my World of Warcraft client working fine and running really fast.

As for the remaining thirty percent of the time: the PC immediately reboots and I’m back to stage one.



2 thoughts on “This how I start World of Warcraft”

  1. Your experience completely validates one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life: a decree that PCs will not be used for playing video games, and console will. It allowed me to switch to Ubuntu completely over 8 years ago and make it stick, and has almost certainly saved me a gazillion bucks as well.

  2. I own no consoles. Mainly because until this year I’d gone about 6 years without a TV.
    Only one machine still runs XP now, the remainder run either Ubuntu, Raspbian or RaspBMC.
    Apart from the ancient Interactive Unix box, and the even more ancient Slackware box…

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