The Arduino Dalek Master Plan – Episode 2

Looking back on my grand ideas, I’ve decided on a bit of a change of plan.

The current scheme will not have ports for video, or extraneous USB holes for keyboards and things of that ilk.

The current list of ports to stick on the Dalek is:

  • Ethernet – as i think I’ll need it in case the wifi fails
  • USB (using the already fitted port) for power while testing

The Raspberry will need USB for these:

  • Connection to the Arduino
  • Connection to the webcam (unless i can get a camera that uses the on-board connection)
  • Some form of microphone

So it still looks like I’ll need an unpowered hub.

It will also need a speaker connection for whatever sound output I decide to use.

Also, at some point i intend to get the ear lights working again.

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