Samsung GT-E1200

Well, the iPhone 3GS lasted a long time. About a month after getting it working on O2 it decided to switch off halfway though a call and then not come back on again. After a days faffing with it, I got it to return to life, only for it to expire again precisely 24 hours after it had first gone tits-up (and 48 hours after the OS had been upgraded).

So, faced with the choice of dealing with the Apple Support people (and paying £25 for no help at all), buying another phone to use on O2, or switching back to 3 and using the now-restored and fully working Samsung Galaxy Europa, I chose the latter.

But, like most of my plans, things didn’t go well. If you are using a pre-pay SIM, O2 won’t tell you the Porting Authorisation Code, or PAC (certainly not PAC Code!) for your number unless you call from that number or happen to know the exact balance that you have left. Neither are really feasible if you have a bricked phone and don’t know anyone else who uses O2.

After checking my impressive collection of old phones, I found that none of them worked with O2, so I set off to Tesco to buy the cheapest phone possible.

Hence, the £15 SIM-Free Samsung GT-E1200:


For less than the cost of something that costs more that £15, you get a phone with a mind boggling list of features:

  • Making and receiving calls
  • Text Messaging
  • Alarm clock and Stopwatch
  • A choice of a few pleasant ringtones and TWO background pictures
  • A game
  • Nothing else.

Wow! This must be the second worst phone in the world, after the VX-1?

No, actually. For some people it might be the ideal phone. Old people and young kids (neither of which should be allowed any where near the internet), people who want a second phone that only certain people know the number for (nothing nefarious, obviously, I was thinking of taxi drivers who want a number to give out to customers and not be bothered by random drunken calls at 4am).

Besides, I kind of like it. The ringtones and bleeps sound pleasant, and I’ve not charged it for about a week despite playing the one game on it a lot.

I’m still going to switch back to 3 for my main number sometime this week, and maybe use this one for work related stuff. That way the tax man can pay for it.

Or, just let the girlfriend have it after her extremely old Sagem phone bit the dust.

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