Model Railways – The Kitchen Floor

I’ve been thinking about the OO gauge layout again, and it looks like it is going to have to fit on a 6’x1′ shelf.

Having noticed that the tiles on my kitchen floor are 1′ square, I had a mess about with the bits of track that I had and came up with this:


Which, when rendered with XTrackCAD, looks like this:


There are some discrepencies, mainly because I was using a mixture of track from different suppliers, none of which is less than thirty years old.

My current thinking is that the middle track should look like a through-line, but actually end in a fake tunnel mouth on the right hand side. The left hand side can run to the end of the board.

The top line will end in buffers to the right, where the platforms will extend on to a concourse of some sort. To the left it will go behind some scenery to act as a very small single-track fiddle yard. It will be a bit tight, but the DMU can just about hide in there. If I can stretch to 6.5’x1′, the tank engine coach and brakevan train could fit too.

The passing loop is just barely large enough to hold the DMU or the coach and brake van, but can’t really be stretched without losing too much of the headshunt on the fake through line.

The two remaining sidings are just for extra storage space, and to use up the two space sets of points that still work.

For the backscene, I want to go with brick retaining walls and a fake street scene above, which will extend over the hidden fiddle yard.

Here are some more incredibly bad pictures taken on my really awful phone:


kitchen-railway-2 kitchen-railway-5kitchen-railway-4kitchen-railway-3


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