Model Railways – Second Thoughts

I’ll start by stating that “Second Thoughts” does not refer to not going ahead with this, but is more like “my second set of thoughts on the subject”.

Firstly (or thought 2.1, if you will), the layout size is probably up to 6’6″x1′ for the main board.  This is the absolute maximum I can fit in to the available space between the abutting wall and the end of the window without fouling the curtains and intruding too much in to the room. If I extend around the corner slightly, on a seperate board, I can probably fit an extra 2’x1′ section. A bit like this:

board-egThe green section would be the main board, the brown the extension, and the grey bit non-existent.

Originally I had thought about putting the scenic bits in the corner and having the fiddle yard to the right hand side, but the addition of the extra section means I’ll probably swap things about. It would fix the problem of where to place the scenic break for the fiddle yard, as I could place it exactly on the edge of  the board. There wouldn’t be much space for fiddling, but i’ll look in to that later.

Anyway, this is the sort of idea i’m having at the moment:


Clearly I’m neglecting the freight working on this one, and just going with the DMU (topmost line), and one of the smaller engines working a two carriage train using the run-around loop. Isolating part of the topmost line would give me space to store the Princess Elizabeth, and leave space in the station for the DMU, but I’d like to add another siding or two for some of my favourite stock.

I’m trying to do this for as little money as possible, so any buildings and such will probably be card kits or scratch built. The back side will probably end up being retaining walls or bricked up arches with a sky scene above them, merging in to a tunnel to cover the entrance to the fiddle yard round the corner. I may add some fake lines going in to tunnels before the corner, which could double as short sidings for a wagon or two.

Mind you, while I’m saying that I’m doing this as cheaply as possible, I do intend to motorize all the points, add some controlled de-couplers, and make a little control panel. Maybe I’ll even use my spare Arduino at some point.


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