Model Railways – More info on the engines

A while a go I posted a picture of the four OO gauge engines that I found in an old box.

2013-05-19 16.05.03

Here is a bit more about the “real” engines on which thay were based (left to right).

Class 101 2-car DMU (M79628 & M79629)

Built by Metro-Cammell at Washwood Heath in Birmingham between 1956 and 1959. Withdrawn sometime before 2003 and presumably scrapped.  No further info at the moment.

LMS “Princess Elizabeth” (46201)

Built at the LMS Crewe Works in 1933 as Lot Number 099 becoming number 6201. After nationalisation in 1948, British Railways renumbered her 46201. 46201 was withdrawn in 1962. Currently undergoing its planned overhaul at Tyseley Locomotive Works. (see here for more)

LNER Gresley J50 tank engine (68920)

Built in 1922 at the LNER Doncaster Works as Lot Number 1544. Carried the numbers 3221 and 8920 until 1946 when the number became 68920. Decommisioned and scrapped in 1961. (see here for more)

Class 08 Shunter (D3035)

Built at Derby Works in 1954 as No. 13035, the shunter carried the numbers D3035 then 08035, until being converted for snowplow use and given number 966508 in 1974. It was withdrawn and scrapped in 1979. (see here for more, here, and here for a photo)


Annoyingly, the only one that I have proof still exists needs extensive repairs. Much like the real-world conterpart, I suppose.

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