How to run a massive train set

Little Robbie wants to play with a train. Robbie doesn’t have any track, and isn’t allowed to build any.

Robbie has to ask Brian, who owns the track, if he can play on it.

Brian then asks Oswald if Robbie can play. Oswald asks Robbie, and all his other friends who want to play, to give him money.

Oswald then decides, based on the money he’s been given, if the children have played before,  if they played efficiently, or if they are best mates, who gets to play with the train set.

Assuming that Robbie and Oswald can agree to play together, Robbie still has the problem that he doesn’t have any trains to play with.

So Robbie turns to Andrew, David, Nigel and Frankie. Any of them can get him trains to play with, which they bought from Barney’s dad a few years ago on a car boot sale, for next to nothing. Everything is a bit broken, but will work for a while. But they won’t sell them, they’ll only rent them to him. And only if Oswald agrees.

Or, and only if Oswald agrees, Robbie could get one of the lads to get him some new trains. Hans and Mario and will build them, if Oswald gives them the money.

So Robbie rents some trains from one of the lads. Some are the new ones that don’t work properly and some are the reliable old warhorses.

Robbie now has a train to play with, some track to play on.

Sadly, Robbie can’t play with his trains whenever he wants to.  Oswald tells him when he has to play and which trains he can play with at which times.

Robbie tries his best.

If a lot of the trains that Oswald acquired for him, either the slightly broken ones or the new unreliable ones stop working, good old Ozzy will blame it all on Robbie.

Robbie will be told he can’t play on the train set anymore. All Robbie’s time will be given to Terry.

Terry has only played with toy buses before. It all goes downhill from there.

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