Gaming Stuff

Ok, so I’m a sad bastard. I get very bored and can’t afford to go out much.

I’ll start off by admitting to playing:

World of Warcraft

Gilnean Peoples Front

My guild on the Azjol-Nerub (EU) realm, which basically consists of me and two of my best mates, Ilks and Maz, and an unused character from my dead mate James. My main character is Toble.

I’ve started playing Horde characters on the Arathor (EU) realm too now, just for a change.

Mobile Gaming

I also play Clash of Clans (Ice and Fire, ClanId #u8o9jc0), and Boom Beach (Nephilim, Tank Force ID #r2u9qc9)

Puzzle Pirates

Its very rare that I bother anymore, but I do still have a character on the Hunter Emerald Ocean. With a YPPedia page.

Live For Speed

I did run a couple of servers for LFS tracks for a while, but they’re down pending a server re-shuffle on my house network.

An old-school Abermud

Ok, so its on my own server, but it counts.

You can play on it too, if you SSH to and login with the username and password mud.

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