Dalek Autopsy

Daleks are great. I’ve wanted one for years. The idea of having a Dalek to order about appeals to me. I could have it make tea for me and then exterminate my enemies/co-workers.

Daleks instill fear in the weak and feeble. For example:

giant-dalekMy sister recently acquired a defunct radio control Dalek on a car boot sale and figured that I might be able to find something to do with it.

But first we need to see exactly what we’re dealing with.

autopsy1What we appear to have is a Doctor Who – 12″ Radio Control Black Dalek, missing its eyestalk and the relevant control unit.

Someone once said that once you break something to see how it works, you have left the path of wisdom. It might have been Merlin, or possibly Mr. Miyagi. In this case, the damn thing is broken and i left the path of wisdom years ago anyway.

So, off with the bottom!

autopsy2Here we see three things:

  • the base unit – which contains the RC receiver, speaker, battery unit and motors
  • the superstructure – which is what makes it look like a Dalek
  • some turkey mince – which would have been my supper, but was so far out of date that it was in danger of crawling away by itself.

Stripping off the burnt out RC receiver (and letting the mince run free) gives us a closer look at the base unit:

autopsy3An even closer look shows us the nubbin that connects to the drive shaft that rotates the head unit:

autopsy4Peering up the skirt of the Dalek shows us where the shaft connects to the nubbin, along with some wires that connect to the circuitry in the head:

autopsy5Just concentrating on the bottom we have:

  • a base unit with working motors that run off 6v
  • some duff circuitry which will be ignored
  • a piezo speaker which might come in handy later
  • nothing for my supper
  • a blog post which, having re-read the text, will probably rank quite highly in the results of porn searches.

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