After nearly aquiring a Computing Degree from Staffordshire University, Tony went on to clean computer cases and build PCs until employed by the aforementioned University full-time to scare students, repair PCs and co-ordinated a system to serve filesystems to classroom Windows 3.1 machines from Linux servers, whilst dealing with other IT issues within the School of Computing.

During this time, Tony ran one of the first University websites in the UK, along with several non-commercial sites hosted on his own machines but nevertheless hosted at the University, including, one of the first names registered under the hierarchy (which was the cheapest option at the time).

Bored of dealing with students and lecturers, and tired of the low pay, Tony left the higher education sector in 1997 to work for Teleride UK.

Teleride were an underfunded subsiduary of a Canadian company working in the Public Transport sector. Having been lied to at the interview (he took the job on the basis that he would be programming in C, not some bastardised database language based on PASCAL), Tony struggled on through the company, fulfilling the roles of programmer, systems admin, network admin, interface designer, pragmatist and whipping boy.

In about 2001, Teleride (which had in the meantime be called: Teleride UK, IRD Teleride UK, International Road Dynamics UK, tti Teleride UK and tti Teleride Systems (UK) ) decided that they no longer required Tony’s services, somehow thinking that they could do without their sole programmer. About two months later he got back all the hardware of his that was installed in the company machines, when they ceased trading.

Following this, Tony went into an idle spell for a few years, dropping off the internet and letting all of his 20+ registered domain names lapse.

Working as a taxi driver for years, he regained his interest in computers and the internet in 2005.

Since then, Tony has worked to develop several web sites for companies, organisations and individuals, including E4.

Having work with the web since 1994, Tony Blews is probably one of of the most experienced web programmers in the UK.

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