Resurrection of the Dalek

At last I can paraphrase a Doctor Who serial title again.

This time I’m going to be using a Raspberry Pi-Zero W with MotoZero control board. Gone are the attempts at bashing by own circuitry (which are already in the Model Railway control system anyway), and this time IT WILL WORK!

So, the ingredients for *this* incarnation of the Dalek are:

For now I’ll forego the distance sensors, as I’ve already bashed them into a sort of thermin idea.

Anyway, the key stages for this project are:

  • Getting the Pi and making it boot and connect to the Wifi network. – DONE
  • Stripping the unwanted circuits from the Dalek chassis – DONE
  • Deciding on the port that are to be fitted to the outside of the case – DONE
  • Getting the Motozero and wiring it up, and getting simple control from the command line
  • Designing the web interface optimized for the Tesco HUDL and getting that to work.
  • Finding a camera, fitting it and getting that running.

To make things easier to track, the new Category Pi-Dalek has been created.

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